Safety While Riding

The “RIDE RIGHT>>” Concept

Though the concept of riding “to the right” has been in our minds for many years.  How many of us actually promote or practice it when we are out riding rural roads or “two” tracks? 

While rounding that left hand corner inside track of a route you are exploring, how many times have you encountered another vehicle that is blazing down their old familiar path?  Worsen a situation by riding tired or distracted and the recipe for disaster is at hand!

Many RideRight_Decal_fnl-smallof us have experienced close calls, and most of us have been lucky!  The track is often easiest on the inside, and if we have any thought at all, we rationalize “What are the chances of someone being on this remote road this time of the day?”

Recently, while watching  BACKCOUNTRY DISCOVERY ROUTES(C)  Nevada BDR video, there was mention of this concept and an incident involving a member of their riding team. We contacted BDR and requested permission to help promote the idea.bdr-logo  We hope you share the same interest.  We encourage you to RIDE RIGHT>> and share the concept with others!

The logos and stickers are their creation.  We are using them with permission to help further awareness.

Be sure and visit their website and sign up as a sponsor.  Check out some of their great products!  Purchases fund their videos and routes which promotes rural tourism and helps local economies.  Their primary goal is to “preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come.”  This should be of interest to all of us that ride!

Coming Soon - Distracted Motorcycling!


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