Texas Redneck Ramble North

What is a Texas Redneck Ramble?

A Texas Redneck Ramble is a concept that was turned into an actual ride event by “The Little General,” former pro motorcycle champion Robert E. Lee.  You can learn more by clicking the Texas Redneck Ramble logos on this page or by clicking here or just searching on Youtube.

These Rambles are an opportunity to ride scenic routes that are off the beaten path.  We strive for approximately 150-200 miles of a combination of mostly dirt roads and less traveled pavement. 

This is a chance to see if you are ready for that cross country adventure ride!  As an added bonus, these events often feature seminars with some of our local experts and some real bike pros who share their thoughts about preparing yourself and your dual sport-adventure bike for the trip of your dreams!   Sometimes we get these ex moto racers to share their stories about days on the track. You can almost see them kicking each others bikes as they come out of the corner!

This is not an off road event.  Bikes must be street legal.

Even though this is not an off-road event, route conditions vary, we have experienced muddy roads, gravel, water crossings and sand on most of these runs.  Weather conditions play a big part in how the tracks are when we ride them. 

The best part is, its FUN!


Here are some of our Seminar speakers.

Our Texas Redneck Ramble North event will start in Jacksboro, Texas.  Jacksboro is home to some beautiful country and the ride will meander through a large area.  We also have a special offroad area available if you want to test your skills in some rough terrain.

Are you truly an adventure rider-traveler?  Have you prepped for that overnight stay?  This may be your chance to try out that new tent.  We are offering free dry camping at our Ride Start, see DualSport Universe for details!



Mike Kidd - “Captain Nemo”   is explaining the necessity of being prepared for the ride. 


 Robert. E. Lee - The Little General

Kim Harrison - Ride Planner

Kevin Brunson - Crash Survival Expert

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